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  • How to become a member of AS?

    Online access to AS membership

    Please go to the ASAPP; miss21APP to apply the membership of AS: on app shopping website, you please click the “member’s area to apply for the membership instantly. Immediately, you become an AS member and can enjoy shopping cumulative dividend and consumption vouchers dividend discount.

    Please follow the instructions on the screen. The system will guide you to set up your account and input the verification code, as well as your personal information. After login, you will successfully register as an AS member.

    From now on, AS will provide you with new app online shopping service. Welcome to ASAPP and miss21APP to shop online. You can enjoy merchandise online guides, shopping discounts, and other member service provided by AS.

    Online Access to AS Membership:

    ASAPP   as.estore.as-eweb.com

    Miss21APP  miss21.estore.as-eweb.com

    Offline Access to the AS membership

    You are welcome to AS groups retail stores of all the brands or store counters throughout the country for the application of the AS membership. You can apply to the company stores or counters service personnel to fill in a form that does not need to wait.  You apply for it now and you become a member instantly, and at the same time you can enjoy shopping cumulative dividend discount, and the relevant preferential activities in entity stores or counters. 

    Please note! If you use different phone numbers applying several memberships, your shopping bonus points will only accumulate in the member account you provide. In accordance with the rules of the AS member management, it will not be able to merger multiple accounts’ dividend. In order to protect your rights and interests, we propose that one person applies for an account

    Store counter inquiry: links to AS official website www.as-eweb.com

    What are the preferential benefits of AS members?

    When you officially become a member of the AS, you are a permanent member.

    It means that you can use bonus coupon and enjoy dividend discount, the preferential activities for members, and member priority in both online and offline shopping. The benefits and service for members will be posted on the AS official website, AS official Facebook page or be announced in the offline counters.

    Note (1): the activity shall be valid under the content of the company. 

    Note (2): if you want to know more about AS or membership information at any time, please refer to the following website.

    AS official website     www.as-eweb.com

    AS facebook       www.facebook.com/pages/AS-astyle/139064236145845

    miss21 facebook      www.facebook.com/pages/miss-21/567327276610701

    ASAPP Mobile Shopping  as.estore.as-eweb.com

    Miss21APP Mobile Shopping miss21.estore.as-eweb.com

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